As of 29/01/2023
  • 40% Milestone
  • 10% Megavision
  • 5 Listed Exchanges
2022 Milestone progress estimate
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The art of unloading and restoring

Assets continue to evolve through the cycle of unloading and restoring.
Project ENTERBUTTON allows users to utilize luxury items as assets with high liquidity.

ENTERBUTTON provides an innovative platform through which users do not simply own luxury goods – they instead transform them into an active asset. Through ENTERBUTTON, users can flexibly trade luxury goods, allowing for new pathways to financial success.
The ENTC token is the standard currency of the ENTERBUTTON ecosystem.


The average person in Korea owns more than 7 luxury products.
Through our decentralized financial platform catered towards luxury goods, not only can you enjoy your luxury goods, but you may also be eligible for regular payments of ENTC tokens.

Consigners are eligible for ENTC payment by uploading their luxury assets to the platform. They may further choose to consign items in KRW, USD, or any other preferred currency. Enterbutton validates your luxury goods as assets immediately after they are uploaded by providing tokens which can be utilized for various financial activities within the platform. We effectively revitalize your luxury goods to be used and traded as financial assets within your portfolio.


Stay updated on major crypto news and prices; store, purchase, and swap digital assets; access exclusive ENTC luxury auction sales; invest in NFTs and decentralized finance simultaneously.
By using the PAYBUTTON you can perform all of these functions with just one click!

Stay updated on major crypto news and current prices.

Skim through the highlights of the most recent news and current prices on Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Ripple(XRP), and ENTERBUTTON(ENTC).

Withdraw, deposit, and swap digital assets with ease.

Store, withdraw, and deposit your digital portfolio securely.

NFT market, participate in auctions.

Users gain access to various NFT auctions issued through ENTC including, but not limited to, luxury goods.


Grow your assets with confidence through ENTC deposits and decentralized finance provided through the Enterbutton platform.


We have successfully opened our ENTC Seoul headquarters, which will be central to the token ecosystem, as set forth in our Milestone. 138, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

We plan to grow ENTC into an integral currency not just within Korea but globally as well. Setting up our Seoul headquarters will pave the way for much greater promises between us and our users.
The crypto-ecosystem depends directly on users like you! We seek to ensure all of our users feel valued and engaged within our platform.

We invite you to the various experiences available at the ENTC Building: the Enterbutton store, the VIP lounge, and the ENTC NFT Arts Gallery. As ENTC expands throughout the globe, we promise to continue creating excellent interactive experiences exclusively available to our ENTC users.
In-person stores are an essential part of our Mega Vision to connect the virtual experience with the real world.


We offer the Black Membership to a selective group of ENTC users. Members will receive the ENTC Black card and are eligible to access the most exclusive services provided by the ENTC group.

Our services include unlimited access to ENTC Black Lounges throughout the world, exclusive residential rights to ENTC town, and numerous additional perks! We invite you to a truly premium experience at the top of the ENTC ecosystem which will be realized through our Mega Vision.

We thank our Black members for their confidence in the Mega Vision, reciprocating their loyalty through our concrete, continued growth.


We introduce Mission 5: tangible steps to achieve the fundamental goals of ENTC.
The ENTC Mega Vision proposes a better way of life. Our mission is to allow users to experience satisfaction throughout the ENTC Universe not only on Earth, but all the way to infinity and beyond.


Economic Freedom


Physical Freedom


Freedom of Body


Freedom of Mind


A Right to Satisfaction.
Suggests Vision (the team)
Vibe with the Vision (the user)
Hands-on Construction
Translate to the NFT, Metaverse world
Move into the ENTC Island
Transition ENTC to key currency
Initiate FETS project


The original vision ENTC suggests is economic and physical freedom.

Through project ENTERBUTTON, we allow luxury goods to reach their full potential as an asset not only in the physical world, but also in the virtual world. We hope to expand your economic freedom, suggesting new ways to reallocate your portfolio. We create financial flexibility that previously did not exist with ENTC, where users can choose to deposit or sell. The platform reduces volatility through the LuxuryFi option, on which users can choose to hedge their risk through decentralized finance.

The ENTERBUTTON project plans to find a concrete base through the use of ENTCs in the market of real products (luxury items), but will slowly transition into an exclusively NFT focused platform. At the end of this major transition, ENTERBUTTON will find complete freedom of physical space. The ENTERBUTTON platform will be accessible everywhere throughout the globe. Everyone will be a potential participant of the ENTERBUTTON ecosystem.

Meta Vision

Our vision begins with luxury item NFTs but moves in the direction of the creation and perfection of the ENTC Metaverse.
  • However, the ENTC Universe is not the final destination.
  • The ENTC Universe is a realistic vision which anticipates a near future of the existence both of our physical reality and the Metaverse.
  • We plan to create the ENTC Island, exclusively available to ENTC users in which the key currency will be the ENTC token. Virtually, the ENTC Universe will provide realistic virtual solutions to physical dissatisfactions within the island, creating a perfectly complementary experience.

Mega Vision

ENTC Mega Vision is the ideal form that the ecosystem strives to become.
  • We hope that the vision user will be fully integrated into the ecosystem. Additional steps include relocation to the ENTC island to sustain a well-balanced, independent community of users, like that of a nation.
  • This area will be available exclusively to Black membership holders. Furthermore, we hope to construct a fully inclusive experience for persons with disabilities through the creation of virtual reality.
  • A complete integration of physical reality and the Metaverse: an ideal world, a truly satisfactory experience. This is the ENTC Universe that Mega Vision proposes.


FETS(From Earth To Space) is a solution to any lacking fulfillment that may exist after the completion of ENTC. The desire to explore the unknowns will persist naturally and continuously after the fulfillment of Mission 5. In response to this demand, ENTC plans to partner with leaders within the aerospace industry and allow ENTC users to access their exclusive services. This is the FETS Project.

Our direction and mission are clear. We are not heading towards the aerospace industry. By ultimately resolving all issues of physical existence and extending into the Metaverse, we will finalize the ENTC Universe. As we become accepted as leaders within our field, ENTC hopes to work alongside leaders within the aerospace industry.

Specifically, we hope to work with high-caliber innovators like Elon Musk and others at the forefront of a technological renaissance, exemplified by companies such as Tesla and Space X. In the near future, we envision ENTC collaborating with household names like Tesla and Space X, propelling our vision at a global scale. Further, we envision ENTC to be the key currency through which users can access these services. We hope to provide ENTC users with the highest quality services and technology, available through our partnership with world class organizations.


By the time we reach 5% of our mission, people will begin to doubt the ENTC Universe. At 20% they will begin to pay attention. After the 50% threshold, the entire world will be watching us. They will want to be a part of our movement! By 80%, ‘they’ will be ‘us.’ Upon completion of the Century Milestone, we are already ‘the world’.

  • Create initial business model
  • Attract global funding
  • Issue beta-tokens
  • Test token swaps
  • Press release
  • Create ecosystem for the main token, ENTERBUTTON(ENTC)
  • Business market research
  • July 5th: start officially issuing the main token
  • September 24th: exchange platform listed and officiated
  • October 30th: exchange platform listed and officiated
  • December 10th: offline store ENTERBUTTON SEOUL is launched
  • PAYBUTTON Official Application Released
  • Rebuilding ENTC website
  • Rebuilding ENTC White Paper
  • Released ENTC Legendary Record Collection NFT
  • Held the World Investing AMA
  • Official release of ENTC NFT Collection Baek A Yeon “Remember, Me”, Kim Tae Woo from god, Kim Hyung Jun from SS501
  • ENTC Token Code Audit
  • Released ENTC NFT Collection BZ-BOYS “Remember, Me”, Jung Sang-su, DREAMCATCHER, Kim Mingue
  • Released ENTC NFT Collection D.Ark “Voice of the Star”
  • ENTC token exchange transaction support (LBank, ZBG, MEXC)
  • Signed partnership with Sing Again 2 TOP6 Team Music NFT or
  • Sing Again 2 TOP Team Music NFT Partnership Signed
  • ENTC token payment service affiliation (Bahn & Bann Academy, Jung Sungchan, Coffeehyogua)
  • Xangle Crypto evaluation
  • Hosted ENTC x Mindspace NFT Exhibition for rising artists
  • ENTC 88 Air-drop Event
  • Hosted ENTC Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul Pool Party for celebrities & users
  • Released ENTC virtual human NFT for SS501 Kim Hyung Jun & Baek A Yeon
  • Signed NFT content supply contract (Meta Study)
  • Expansion of NFT Partnership
  • Publication of ENTERBUTTON MEGAVISION Detail Roadmap
  • Official launch of ENTC NFT Marketplace ‘ENTERMARKET’
  • PAYBUTTON update re-release and ENTERMARKET linkage
  • NFT exhibition held by established & rising artists
  • Expansion of ENTC Token payment affiliates
  • ENTC Virtual NFT human 3D Modeling
  • Publication of own OTT content
  • ENTC Virtual NFT human service launch
  • Hosted an ENTC NFT Artist collaboration concert
  • ENTERBUTTON BUSAN NFT auction house opening
  • AMA held for global users
  • 2024 ENTC Vote for ENTC Users




138, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea



Through the whitepaper which documents the ecosystem and its economy of the ENTC, you can check our ultimate vision.

Letter of Legal Advice

Through the top-tier law firms which hold the public trust, ENTC transparently discloses and provides the verified legal evaluation.



ENTC 2022 LEGENDARY RECORD COLLECTION thoroughly selects one magnum opus every month, and the NFT version of the selected piece will be sold at an auction. The physical version of the work will permanently be preserved in ENTC ART CENTER. The winner of the auction acquires a full possession of a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire future generations.

Furthermore, the winner will be able to host a virtual exhibition within our metaverse platform, the ENTC UNIVERSE.



Stay Tuned


ENTC NFT COLLECTION “REMEMBER, ME” is ENTC’s exclusive NFT project that records the brightest moment of the famous celebrities through the ‘Hyper-Quality Illustrating PFP Collection’ in which hyper-realistic drawing method is utilized with a delicate graphic-design.

Through the permanent ownership of such NFT collection, artist and fandom would establish a strong sense of solidarity and thus maximize the value of its possession.

Baek A-Yeon - I'm here

Kim Tae-Woo - Singing in Space

Kim Hyung-Jun - The Return of King

BZ-BOYZ – Blueness

Jung Sang-Su - Gun

Dreamcatcher - Dreamconnect

Kim Min-Gue


What if you have a chance to own the wave of voices that resonate like the bright stars in the sky. Having a full ownership of this NFT probably is more than possessing the music itself and voice of the artist that you love and the public loves.

Also, what if you have an opportunity to receive the ‘Airdrop Pass’ for other ENTC collections and tokens as well? Then, the total value will be impossible to measure, unable to be exchanged with even a billion of ETH.

Your star is waiting for you at ENTC’s Collection.

D.Ark - Underage


Stay Tuned