D.Ark – Underage

D.Ark first made a debut in famous Korean TV programs, High School Rapper and Show Me The Money. After his official debut in 2020 with his single album Potential, D.Ark has thrived as a prominent musician, collaborating with various top celebrities. He is indeed one of the most influential rappers in the Korean hip-hop scene.
Underage is a hidden track in which D.Ark candidly unravels the limits and prejudice he encounters as a juvenile rapper. The NFT version of the track can be exclusively purchased through ENTC NFT Collection . The owner of the NFT will receive a priority access to the full version of Underage. After the album’s official release, the owner of the NFT will receive an automatic airdrop of Underage: Vocals-Only Version. Both the tasteful yet avante garde rhythm of full version and its vocals-only version hold unparalleled musical value and will be recognized for their respective scarcity and value. While the buyers of D.Ark’s regular album will remain curious about the hidden track, only the owner of the will have the privilege of actually enjoying it.
This NFT music of the is only authorized for non-profit usage by the NFT owner. Any commercial usage, as well as any sharing or distribution over the internet, is strictly prohibited by the copyright. All use of the music, whether commercial or non-profit, requires permission from the publisher. Please discuss all forms of license by contacting cs@sdkbenter.com in advance.

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