Seol Woon Do, a South Korea’s singer-songwriter, is the most iconic artist of all time. He is indeed an irreplaceable, living legacy of Korea’s music industry and still strongly plays an active role. He continues to collaborate with top artists and recently composed songs of chart–topping trot singer Lim YoungWoog. ENTC 2022 LEGENDARY RECORD COLLECTION is launching world’s first NFT-linked LP of his biggest hit “Lost 30 years”. The song captures the longing and sorrow of families that had been separated after Korea’s division following the Korean War. Furthermore, the song was selected as a theme song of the special live broadcast “Finding Dispersed Families” which aired the reunion of those war-scattered families. The song indeed touched the soul of Koreans and even set a Guinness World Record for becoming a hit song in the shortest amount of time.

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