Jung Sang-Su – Gun

Jung, Sang-Su is a Korean rapper who debuted in 2005. In addition to participating in various hip-hop projects, Jung, Sang-Su made his name through the Korean hip-hop program ‘Show Me the Money’, and since then he has prominently played as a YouTuber and a streamer. Even with hot issues regarding him, he has risen as one of the top-trending hip-hop artists by creating his own ‘meme’ with his pureness and humbleness. In particular, his song ‘Sharp-shooter’ was well-loved by the public, even acquiring the nickname of ‘Again-shooter’ as the song presented his character of pureness for a long period of time again and again. And while the ‘memes’ of Jung, Sang-Su created by the fans indeed belong to himself, possessing his unique artistic style and the record of his life through the hyper-quality illustrating of ENTC NFT Collection will be exceptionally “meaningful moment” for us.

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