Kim Hyung-Jun – The Return of King

Kim, Hyung-Jun is a member of the eminent Korean boy Idol group, SS501, who led the globalization of K-Pop along with other bands such as TVXQ, Super Junior, and Big Bang. ‘Warning’, ‘Snow Prince’, ‘Déjà vu’, ‘Because I’m Stupid’, ‘U R Man’ are some of their most beloved discographies. Kim, Hyung-Jun also pursued his career as a solo artist, attracting a large fanbase across Japan, Southeast Asia, and Latin America until the present day. Through the hyper-enhanced illustrating of ENTC NFT Collection [Remember Me], we will be able to record and possess the ‘present moment’ of Kim, Hyung-Jun, who will soon return to the K-Pop scene as the most prominent figure.

Opensea NFT Contract