Kim Tae-Woo – Singing in Space

Kim, Tae-Woo is the main vocalist member of Korea’s top national group “GOD”. The group “GOD” is the first idol group produced by JYP Entertainment’s Park, Jin-Young with the chief composer of Bang Si-Hyuk who is well-known as the producer of BTS. In fact, the group “god” set unbelievable records in Korean entertainment industry, selling 1.84 million copies of god’s third album and 1.71 million copies of its fourth album – with numerous hit songs such as “Lie, One Candle, and To Mother”
Kim Tae-Woo, the main vocalist of god, also has achieved a great musical success as a solo, with a representative song called “Love Rain.”
ENTC NFT collection [REMEMBER, ME] will thereby record and share his glorious moments, with the motif of singing in space, through the HQ illustration employing the hyperrealism drawing method with marvelous graphic design.

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